Urgent Notice

After today’s briefing from Downing Street, tonight will be the last class at the studio until further notice.
We have tried to stay open and keep things as normal as possible but now we have to think of safety and everyone’s health.
Please keep your eyes peeled, online classes will be launching soon.
Stay safe
Karin 💖
Friday 20th March, 2020

Online Classes Now Live!

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What is 'Callanetics'?

One word describes Callanetics exercises; unique. By isolating muscle groups and using tiny, precise (yet powerful) movements, Callanetics exercises tighten and reshape your body while increasing strength, flexibility and body alignment.


History of Callanetics

Callan Pinckney

The Callanetics exercise method was founded by Callan Pinckney in the 1980's. It became a worldwide phenomenon breaking 'best seller' records for her first exercise programme '10 years younger in 10 hours'. This revolutionised the fitness industry worldwide and to this day the Callanetics method still hails strong with the release of five new programmes which are the latest addition to the Callan Pinckney series - The Callanetics Evolution, Cardio Callanetics, Callanetics Extreme, Callanetics Pure and 30 Days to a Beautiful Body.
Many years of travel took its toll on Callan's body; she was in constant pain and arrived back to her homeland in a wheel chair. She was advised to have surgery on her knees and back but decided to try exercise first. After trying many forms of exercise, all of which made her condition worse, she began to experiment with her classical ballet training. She took classical ballet positions, for body alignment and added to that a gentle, precise movement- her iconic ‘pulse’. She discovered that by performing these combinations, not only did she become pain free but her body changed shape and toned dramatically- Callanetics was born!!


Lift Your Bust

The small precise pulses executed during the underarm tightner also tones and lifts your bust! Perfect for that bikini holiday!

Lift Your Buttocks

The unique lifting effect of the hip sculpting exercises, reshape and firm the buttocks whilst reducing the 'saddlebag' area.

Re-shape Your Thighs

Sculpt and tone your thigh muscles using our ballet based leg exercises. Thighs slim down, tone and cellulite smooths out. Even your knee changes shape!

Narrow Your Waist

Our specialised Callanetics methods are sure to narrow your waist to help you feel confident in that fitted outfit!

Flatten Your Tummy

The consistent series of extremely deep abdominal pulses flatten and sculpt your abdomen, increasing core and pelvic floor strength.

Improve Posture

The overall combination of the entire Callanetics work out combined with the deep stretching exercises improves posture and flexibility fast! All whilst protecting your back.

The Body Blitz

This 10 class intense programme is designed to reshape your body and lose inches on your waist as well as lift your bust and buttocks. By doing this programme, you will easily drop a dress size without unnatural, rapid weight loss. This is ideal if you have a bikini holiday coming up or need to get into that special dress and the zips too tight. Your posture will improve and you will feel amazing.

It is recommended you complete this within 2 weeks to experience the results I want you to achieve. This is your chance to feel better about yourself – today!

Class Types

You will feel a difference after 1 class, you will start to see changes after 2 classes and within 10 classes you can lose a dress size - without weight loss! All classes are 100% Pure Callanetics. No class in this studio is ‘fused’ with any other exercise programme. Unless specified, all classes are 1 hour of Classic Callanetics.

Online Classes

Given the current circumstances, we have decided to launch online classes for all our clients. These classes will cover most of what we offer in the studio and pricing remains the same as normal.

If you are buying a class, you will need to download the free Zoom app on your device, whether it is your Phone, iPad/Tablet, or Laptop. Once you have bought a class, we will provide you with credentials to log in to the Zoom app. This is where our classes will take place.

If you have pre-paid a block, you can use that block in our online classes.

Our online class numbers will be capped at 12 and be taught by Master Teacher Karin.

If you want to book a class, you can do so by emailing us at callanetics@live.co.uk or click the link below.

Email Us

Download Zoom

# Day Name Time
1 Monday Online Class 09:15 to 10:15

10:30 to 11:30

17:30 to 18:30
2 Tuesday Online Class 09:15 to 10:15

17:30 to 18:30
3 Wednesday Online Class 09:15 to 10:15

10:30 to 11:30

17:30 to 18:30
4 Thursday Online Class 10:30 to 11:30 (Cardio)

11:45 to 12:45 (Stretch)

17:30 to 18:30
5 Friday Online Class 09:15 to 10:30

10:30 to 11:30
6 Saturday Online Class 09:00 to 10:00

10:30 to 11:30
7 Sunday Online Class 10:00 to 11:00
Online Classes

Client Feedback

We think it's important you hear from the people that make our business possible. We cannot thank our clients enough for their positive feedback.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel your class by 19:30 at the latest the day before your class is booked to allow us the time required to offer your place to those on the waiting list and fill the place in the class. If you fail to do so then it will be counted as redeemed on your block of classes. You can cancel by calling 0131 4478414 or 07848041070, by email, or Facebook Messenger.


Karin's Profile Information

Karin Mackenzie

Master Teacher & Founder

Karin Mackenzie

Master Teacher & Founder
I am a master teacher and the founder of Edinburgh Callanetics with a background in classical ballet. I trained and danced professionally until I made the transition to Callanetics, which I have now been teaching in my studio for 25 years.

Nicola Mcdermid Profile Information

Nicola Mcdermid


Nicola Mcdermid

I have been teaching Callanetics since 2012 having first got the bug when I was just 11 years old after watching the “10 years younger” video. I also work in the Callanetics treatment room offering Massages, Reflexology and Reiki healing.

Louise Dunn Profile Information

Louise Dunn


Louise Dunn

I first came across Callanetics in the 80s and worked out to the videos at home. I discovered the studio and within weeks had the results I wanted. A friend encouraged me to become a teacher and I now teach in the studio.

Sarah Marshall Profile Information

Sarah Marshall

Booking & Enquiries

Sarah Marshall

Bookings & Enquiries
I have always had a keen interest in Callanetics and enjoy the environment of the studio. I am the face of communications for the studio and help with any enquiries in the form of texts, emails and phone calls.

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